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If you are tired of having your brand new wheels scratched up by a high school student at the local tire shop, we are here to help!

We are a dealer of 100+ Wheel & Tire brands, allowing us to provide you with the perfect setup for your car! 

We can roll your fenders to help fitment and reduce rubbing as well!

 Mount and Balance :

Price for 1 wheel
upto 16″ $17 each

17-18″ $25 each
19″+ $35 each

Mount only :
Per wheel
upto 16″ $10

17-18″ $15
19″+ $20

Balance only :
Per wheel
upto 16″ $12
17-18″ $17

19″+ $22

Wheel Fitment:

Fender Rolling$40/Fender

We refuse to do ridiculous stretching of tires due to liability issues.