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Wasp Composites RACE Front Splitter - S2000

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Chassis Mounted RACE Splitters

Wasp Composite has been making Carbon fiber splitters for S2000 community for over 3 years and has continuously improved the design over the years and we are proud to introduce the latest version with the following additions that now come STANDARD with every splitter:

1- Steel Skid Guards

Each splitter now comes with 7 steel skid guards installed at critical spots on the bottom of the splitter. each skid guard is both riveted and secured using epoxy glue. This addition will prolong the life of the splitter and your investment greatly with no additional cost to you.

1/8" TITANIUM skid guards are also available at additional cost. 


3- Side support bars:

in order to add more support for the sides we now include 2 aluminum rods with aluminum brackets.

Each splitter is hand crafted to your exact specification using vacuum infusion process in order to achieve a perfect resin to fiber ratio. Unlike other companies that use a single layer of 3K carbon fiber and cheap fiberglass, WASP has sandwiched a 1/2" fire retardant foam core between 2 layers of high density aerospace grade 12K carbon fiber and optional Kevlar underlayer.

Adjustable Aluminum brackets:

Each kit includes 4 aluminum brackets and 2 adjustable support rods. 

Available for following bumper and lips:

AP2 without OEM lip

AP2 with OEM lip:

CR Lip:

AP1 with OEM lip:

AP1 with GEARS lip:

APR GT bumper and APR lip:

Spoon Bumper:

Voltex V1 & V2 Bumpers

Amuse R1:

ASM with and without lip:


1 Review

Jared Garcia Nov 7th 2016


Bought this for the voltex bumper. It definitely did its job, also saved me from a few bad bottom outs. Install can be a pain, but take your time and you'll be fine.

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