Motul 1L Engine Oil 4100 POWER 15W50 - VW 505 00 501 01 - MB 229.1

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TYPE OF USE: Specially designed for high performance engines, all Gasoline or Diesel engines, turbo or naturally aspirated, multivalves, with carburettor or with injection, with or without catalytic converter. Suitable for all types of fuels: Gasoline standard, unleaded, Diesel fuels, LPG, biofuels. All driving conditions: City, Road, Highway.; PERFORMANCES: The API SL standard is more stringent than API SJ in terms of ageing resistance (average drain interval increased), requires anti-oxidation properties that maintain a constant viscosity avoiding sludge and deposits in the crankcase, anti-wear properties and dispersant capability. The synthetic Technosynthese base stock provides high lubricating power and protects perfectly the engine while in intensive use on road, highway or in town. The high performing anti-wear additivation results in reduction of engine internal frictions and increases life duration by wear reduction. High viscosity at high temperature (SAE 50) is fully adapted to engines prone to oil consumption. Very efficient anti-deposit and anti-black sludge power which keeps the engine clean. Anti-oxidation, Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties.; Recommendation: Drain interval: according to manufacturers recommendations and tune to your own use. MOTUL 4100 POWER 15W-50 can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.