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Fueled Racing S15 LSX Basic installation kit (RHD)

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The Fueled Racing LSX basic installation kit is 100% made in the USA. The engine and transmission mounts are fully hand T.I.G. welded and come with polyurethane engine and transmission mounts. The oil pan is made by Moroso with quad trap door baffle system specifically for our kit and does not hang below the cross-member at all. (solving the oilstarvation issues other kits have). You can retain factory sway bar as well as all popular aftermarket sway bars without the use of spacers or modification of any kind. Again the crossmember has no spacers used to lower it. Unlike other kits on the market our kit includes Engine mounts, transmission mount, driveshaft, Moroso oil pan, oil pickup tube, oil pan stud kit and billet dip stick. Upgrades include aluminum or carbon fiber driveshafts. Transmission crossmembers are available for T-56 4L60E TKO500 TKO600 andmost other popular transmissions. Kit is currently available for S-13, S-14 and S-15.

Moroso Dry sump oil pans available for an additional $250

Please note that with RHD kits you must reposition the steering rack to clear the starter of the LS. Some people get around this by using a reverse mount starter bellhousing but if you do not use the reverse mount bellhousing you must reposition the steering rack. Our complete kit comes with the steering components to allow for repositioning of steering rack.

Note 1: Allkits are designed to be used with GM F-body accessories if you are not using F body accessories please let us know before ordering so we provide the proper lines and fitting for the accessories you are using

Note2: The basic kit comes with everything in the complete kit minus the long tube headers with V-band clamps, flanges, power steering kit and inner outer tie rod combo with spacer.

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