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This long awaited, highly anticipated, feature is upon us!


Firstly, let’s define Flex Fuel.  Flex Fuel allows seamless flexibility between using standard gasoline and ethanol based fuel which is where the termFlex Fuel is derived.  The key component enabling flexible fuel usage is an ethanol content sensor.   This provides a real-time measurement of the ethanol content feeding the car’s engine allowing the ECU to actively make adjustments based on the sensor reading.  This is something several US manufacturers have had implemented for a number of years.  You have probably seen several vehicles badging this capability during your commute.  Although there are vehicles that have this functionality from the manufacturer, unfortunately, very few of them are models that are likely to be found in an enthusiast’s garage.  Ergo: COBB Flex Fuel!


The COBB Flex Fuel kit consists of an ethanol content sensor and analyzer.  This is a plug and play system that connects directly to factory hardware and mounting points.  Couple this hardware with your COBB Accessport and an off-the-shelf (OTS) Map and you get the OEM functionality of Flex Fuel with the added performance ethanol has to offer.


Compared to standard pump fuel, the higher ethanol content in E85 provides a substantially higher effective octane rating.  The octane rating of a fuel indicates it’s ability to resist detonation.  This added resistance allows tuning to be more aggressive through timing and boost, yielding greater horsepower output.  These factors combined make for a fuel solution with more power potential over the standard gasoline you find at the pump.  With an active Flex Fuel system, a vehicle’s ECU is able to seamlessly blend calibrations required for each type of fuel.

The COBB Flex Fuel kit will allow you to overcome any disparities in ethanol content from station to station or season to season.  This is something a standard tune for E85 cannot do.  Also, if there isn’t a station with E85 convenient, simply fill up with pump gas and avoid the need to change maps.

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