INSTALL GUIDE: Voltex Rear Diffuser - Honda S2000 AP2

So Voltex's printed guide for the Honda S2000 Rear diffuser is horrible. All it gives you is pictures with no description or guide. So we decided to give you a quick picture guide to install your product! (You spent a ton of money already right?)

Remove your exhaust tunnel brace.

Orient it next to the supplied Voltex bracket as shown.

Measure 112mm from the passenger side end and make a black mark. This is your alignment mark.

Now mark your holes to drill into the tunnel brace. (There are 4.)

Attach braces together and bolt tight.

Attach Differential Bracket as shown. Angle so that bottom edge is parallel to ground. Keep diff side bolt slightly loose to make adjustments.

Attach 2BL (rear) and 2AL (front) brackets along driver edge of bumper as shown. Keep upper edge loose until end.

Attach 2BR (rear) and 2AR (front) brackets along passenger edge of bumper as shown. Keep upper edge loose until end.

We measured about 3.5" from front of bumper for the A brackets, and 10.75" for the B brackets.

Slide G Bracket into subframe, attach F Bracket (facing open end towards center of car).

We went ahead and tightened these down, but leaving them loose would make it a little easier as they needed a little massaging to line up.

Remove Rear center clips from bumper. Attach C brackets in place of clips as shown. (lower edge outward and parallel to ground.) Leave upper portion loose.

Have someone help hold the diffuser up and start from the exhaust tunnel bracket and work your way back. Start all bolts, and then tighten front to back.