AEM Infinity-6/8h Plug and Play BUNDLE - Honda S2000 00-05

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The Infinity Plug & Play programmable ECU includes an application-specific start-up calibration and connects via a Plug & Play harness that is sold separately (PN 30-3500). Begin by determining which Infinity ECU will best support the ancillary components. AEM Infinity-6/8h Plug and Play Jumper Harness: Honda S2K 2000-2005

*Complete Stand Alone Engine Control*
The Infinity ECU combines with the Plug & Play harness to replace the factory ECU and control all of the engine functions. For some vehicles, an AEM MAP sensor (sold separately) is required for proper operation of the Infinity ECU on this application.

*Plug & Play Harness with Expansion Port*
AEM’s sealed, weatherproof Plug & Play harness (sold separately) includes dual Lambda connectors, an AEMnet connector for communication with other AEMnet enabled devices and an auxiliary connector with a Deutsch DTM 12P connector for adding common aftermarket sensors including fuel pressure, air inlet temperature, MAP, boost control solenoid and ethanol content. The expansion port also includes a sensor ground, 5v reference, power from relay and high side output for activating a solenoid, and switched inputs for auxiliary radiator fan, boost target and no-lift shift.

30-7106 & 30-3508

2 Reviews

Derek Feb 16th 2017


Awesome tuner! Glad I made the decision to get it! Thanks Dm! Great deal as well.

TJ Nov 7th 2016

Outstanding Product

If you are looking to make some serious power and want a car to be faster and protected, than this is the standalone system you have been looking for! This product is amazing and any tuner will appreciate. Way better than any stand alone on the market today and the product was shipped to me so quickly! I have never had better customer service than this company and willing to help with any issues or question!

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