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Volk Racing TE37 SL Black Edition: Available from Deft Motion
Deft Motion is now a direct authorized dealer of Fortune Auto Suspension.
Get your Radium Engineering products from Deft Motion!
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Latest Posts

  • Preorder Now - Voltex Type 7 GT Wing (Swan Neck)

    Voltex Swan Neck mount GT Wings are now available for purchase! Two styles are offered in
    Type 10 and Type 7.The biggest difference between the two is the depth of the airfoil. Type 10
    uses a 270mm and the Type 7 uses a 355mm, which also includes a different shape.

  • New Brand Alert | Radium Engineering

    Deft Motion is a proud authorized dealer of Radium Engineering products.
    Radium offers catch cans, fuel surge tanks, and plenty more for the serious racer.

  • Customer Project - ScienceofSpeed AP1 S2000

    One of our customers, Jonathan, brought his S2000 to us for a ScienceofSpeed Stage 1
    Supercharger Kit. We also performed a ap2 retainer swap to ensure valve reliability under boost,
    amongst a few other odds and ends.